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Face lifting Your Bathroom Appearance: 4 Tips You Need To Consider

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March ,30 2020 In Lorem Ipsun By admin


Talking about adding value to your home, a finely renovated bathroom is a crucial element to achieving this milestone. However, when it comes to redesigning our bathrooms, a lot of us get stuck on the budget because bathroom products tend to be quite expensive. Nowadays, it’s all about buying classy tiles and fine faucets that depict glamour more than what your entire house could portray.

If you are thinking of getting your bathroom remodeled, follow these four tips to make sure that nothing goes out of the way.

Choosing the appropriate toilet

If you survey the market, you’re gonna find toilets with separate tanks. Earlier, toilets used to come with attached tanks that rested above the seat. Albeit, the separate tanks are now fitted inside the wall with just the seat to be used. These kinds of toilets are quite beneficial in the sense that they help you save some bathroom space. Quite the trend, toilets with hidden tanks are so good that they can fit into any kind of bathroom setting. If you are looking to buy one, our team can help you get the right one that suits your bathroom’s ambiance.

Keeping the shower tiles small

Choosing relatively large tiles for your shower area means soon you’re gonna face a slippery floor with time. That’s why we suggest you keep the tiles smaller and textured. Getting a textured tile will not only maintain friction between your feet and the floor but cleaning them is totally easy. To add some visual display, you can opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles having patterns designed by our designers at Renovations By Brian.

Installing a Shower Window

Bathrooms that are closed and have no possibility of ventilation get molds and harmful bacteria in corners. Therefore, it’s vital to have a small shower window so that air does not get trapped, and there is constant ventilation. Discuss your idea of having a bathroom window with our design team at Renovations By Brian, and let them get you something out of the box.

Enhancing your bathroom lighting

With all the bathroom renovation you are planning to do, try improving your lighting quality for a change. Instead of having your bathroom all dark and gloomy, you could install relevant lighting to improve the overall mood. A dim light is gonna be quite problematic if you do your shaves, makeups, or combing your hair while looking at the bathroom mirror. Take it as a suggestion; if you consider having adequate lighting in your shower area, you will find your showering experience much more delightful and safer.

Summing this up, when doing your bathroom renovation, the entire purpose must not be throwing bucks of dollars; rather, you must make your bathroom look more efficient, stylish, and functional. If you are worried about where to get the right advice, reach out to Renovations By Brian and plan each and every step with our dedicated professionals.

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